Torun Tohumculuk is a family company that has been providing service in the fields of production, processing and marketing of vegetable seeds in the agricultural sector since the year 1956.

Mustafa TORUN, the eldest son of a family which had been engaged in farming, started in 1949 to sell the seeds that he supplied from various regions of Anatolia and that he brought to Istanbul to the tradesmen and laid the foundation of TORUN TOHUMCULUK of today. As a young person who had learned both field work and hot
sale in the field of seed growing, he developed his skills as a partner of a citizen of ours of Greek origin in a shop in the Historic Flower Market of Istanbul, in the beginning of the year 1956 and found his own enterprise with the name KÖYLÜ TÝCARET in the year 1959. His son, Cahit TORUN, who was born in 1956, learned from his father which kinds of seeds can be produced in which part of the country. He also learned from him
the principles of providing the farmer with high quality product, proper service and fair prices and the fact that the only law of this profession is the target of adaptation to the technological and scientific changes and constant development in line with these principles. Before he was 30, in line with this information, he visited the colleaguesin many European countries which had much more advanced standards than Turkey in the field of seed growing and learned from them what to do in order to do achieve better things in Turkey. When he returned to his home country,

Cahit TORUN had a whole new vision and he installed selector machine instead of classical meshes and the first packaging machines instead of manual filling and broke a new ground as a Turkish company by offering the seeds that it produced domestically or imported from
foreign countries with high standards.
Cahit TORUN gave his sons, Muharrem and Fatih TORUN, their first professional courses when they were attending primary school by giving them their first work  uniforms and making them work as cashiers, in the spare time that they had apart from their studies in the retail store in Flower Market which is still active in Istanbul, Eminönü. He made sure that they saw the plants in the field and meet the producer farmers and learn theoretical and practical information in this way.
In a confession-like manner the two brothers today say that all appearance of the work, plantation and harvest times, germinating period, diseases and all technical details seemed like torture to them. However their father enabled them to learn basic technical information about these processes and learn that being fair in purchase and sales, which is considered the basic of the elements such as the level of the relations with the customers, “sharing with the help of a scale”, colloquially, and meeting the needs of the farmers in the right way are the indispensable rules in terms of commerce, humanism and religion.
Today, in the light of the experience of their father and grandfather, who are still alive, the brothers developed their skills in joint production with the leader corporations of the countries that are prominent in agriculture, among which the USA, Netherlands and Italy come first and they managed to provide their country with coordinated and successful service by establishing warm relations with both the regional distributors and the dealers by frequently paying visits within the country and
to the neighbouring countries.

The basic focus of Torun Tohumculuk is on being the permanent and consistent resource of high quality vegetable seeds for the national and international agricultu ral community. This is what we work for.

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